Friday, December 26, 2008

My Love for Everything *Bling*

I'm constantly being criticized for my strange love for everything 'bling'. Sequins and beading on clothes! Although, I only like it in moderate amounts... (especially for menswear!) It is easy to cross the line and end up looking up a walking disco ball or a madman armed with a bedazzler. 

I recently read an article about Brandon Flowers from The Killers and how he also loves sequins because he is from Vegas. The popularity of 'bling' clothing in Boston seems to be rather low, I guess it's because fashion here is still on the conservative side (although every year I see more diversity in clothing). Being from Hong Kong, and still immersed into their mainstream culture, I've noticed that the celebrities in Asia are definitely much more tolerant and, might I say, LOVE, sequins/beading. 

Here are several pieces from one of my favorite stores in HK called Izzue:

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