Wednesday, January 28, 2009

10 Basic Wardrobe Upgrades

When I was transitioning from one stage in life to another, the things I wore reflected those stages. The days of the lunch bag and backpack are now upgraded to an iPhone and messenger bag. Here are ten basic wardrobe upgrades that I think are worth investing in:

1) Blazer - An icon of sophistication. Make sure the shoulders and chest fit properly - personally I prefer a slim-cut blazer. When it comes to clothes I believe fitting is the most important (know what works for you and what doesn't). A good starter-piece would be a black one with one or two buttons.

2) Slim Black Jeans - A perfect mix of casual and formal. Slim-cut jeans accentuate the length of your legs and there's nothing excess (loose-cut blegh).

3) Leather Jacket - Every man needs a leather jacket. The authentic, fits-your-body-like-it-was-made-for-you type of leather jacket. A good leather jacket can cost upwards of thousands of dollars, but save up for it. You'll wear it for life.

4) Boots - And no, I'm not talking about the brown Timberland boots. A nice pair of biker boots or combat boots are perfect for a casual day out.

5) Sunglasses - Find the perfect shape for your face. If you have a round face, don't buy rounded sunglasses. If you have a long angular face, don't buy a pair with sharp edges. Although you could buy cheap sunglasses from Urban Outfitters for $10, it's always nice to have atleast one classic pair in your accessories arsenal (I suggest aviators). Oh, and I recommend you don't get the ones with the giant logos on the band.

6) Dress shoes - Although I'm not a big fan of formalwear, once you invest in a good pair you'll be wearing them for years.

7) Tuxedo - Unless you're attending prom night in high school there is no excuse why you're renting one. You only wear a tuxedo when you're trying to look your best anyways, so why not buy one instead of renting one? You can have it tailored .

8) Wool Coat - If you lived in Boston like I do (where the weather is usually cold and unpredictable), a coat is definitely something you'd want to invest in. You wear it everywhere - on the way to work, in the mall, or basically anytime you step out of the house. With such frequent use, it's worth getting a top-quality coat.

9) Watch - Don't worry, you can keep your G-Shock. It wouldn't hurt to have a formal one, either, for the formal dinners or special occassions.

10) Wallet - Your money is only as good as what you hold it in. An alternative to using a wallet is using a money clip.

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