Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boston Gems

This month, Boston Magazine has published an article on the 50 Best Restaurants in the city. Amongst the list are some of my favorite places to go! What's the point of looking sharp and buying fancy clothes if you've got no place to wear them to?

At the top of the list is the leather district's O-Ya. The small cozy restaurant definitely has the best food I've ever tasted (and the most expensive as well...$400 for two people), but it's worth experiencing at least once!


CQ said...

I have that copy of the mag on my desk and I have yet had the time to look at it yet -- I'm sure the restaurant scene changes quite a bit in a year since I was last here, and I'm looking forward to check out the new hot places to eat!

- Jessica Lam

Alternative Prince said...

Yeah lol. And I love how the restaurants are categorized by price range as well - atleast I know which ones I can afford to go to!