Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fashion Pet Peeves

This is kind of a rant, but it needs to be expressed. Here's a list of fashion no-nos that applies to guys and gals: (I'm hoping that the world of fashion is ready to leave these things behind for 2009)

10) The side-ponytail. UGH what are you thinking? Unless you're 5 years old I can't think of an excuse for anyone to wear it sideways. I don't mean the ponytail swiped off to the side. I mean the one that literally starts on the top side of your head.

9) Pajamas as pants. There's a reason why they're called pajamas. It means you wear them indoors!! I don't care if you're running downstairs to the local market to buy a pack of cigarettes, put on some real pants!

8) Pants under a dress. Yeah, Boston is cold. But dresses still aren't made to be worn with a pair of slacks or jeans underneath. It just looks like layering-gone-bad.

7) Crocs. I hate the "they're comfortable" excuse. There are plenty of cuter shoes out there that are comfy. You don't always have to sacrifice fashion for comfort.

6) Uggs. Hunni, it's short for "ugg-ly". It's like wearing bread on your legs.

5) Leggings are NOT pants. Leggings are not made to be worn as pants. They look cute with a mini-dress, a cute skirt, some shorts, but NEVER alone!! Oh lord how my eyes have suffered this winter seeing countless teens at the mall wearing nothing but leggings and ugg(ly)s. Girls, it's not attractive to show VPL (visible panty line).

4) Logo bags and logo tees. Yeah ok, I get it. You want the universe to know where you bought it. Good for you. But personally I find it tacky to be a walking advertisement.

3) White shirts VS. Undershirts. Yikes. This one even pisses my sister off, so I know it's a good one lol. Guys, please, if you're going to wear a plain white tee, that's fine. But please don't try to pass an undershirt off as a white tee. You're not fooling anyone.

2) Carpenter jeans. They're pretty much the equivalent of the "mom jeans". Those gigantic ugly Wal-mart blue jeans. They're wide-legged and have those hideously huge pockets. I can deal with a little bit of slouch but carpenter jeans are just unforgivable. I think every guy should have at least one pair of slim jeans that can translate from day to evening easily.

1) Black dress shoes and white sports socks. Really. This is for the guys. You couldn't put in the effort to get black socks?


Kat's friend, Ann said...

I agree with you on everything except the Crocs :o I love my Crocs yo!

Alternative Prince said...

No, Ann, don't cross over to the dark side!!!